• Aviation

When there is an incident involving the aviation industry, the world pays attention and expects a response of the highest standard. Global regulations are in place to preserve the industry reputation for safety and best practice response to incidents and accidents.

Managing the aftermath of a disaster involving victims, families and employees is an overwhelming task in an environment where standards for a fast, effective, transparent and compassionate response are higher today than it has ever been.

Issues can also involve reputational damage, data breaches, natural disasters, terrorism, and pandemics, and the resources needed to manage these, just as overwhelming.

Challenges during an incident:

These challenges can overwhelm your resources, day-to-day operations and the people in your organisation.

GoCrisis provides crisis preparedness and response services to some of the world’s most recognisable brands in aviation. We support carriers and airports through a close partnership that involves regular meetings, annual training and a strong global response capability.

How we can help

  • Family assistance service
    • Set up, equipment and staff
  • Mental health and long-term care
  • Crisis communications
  • Contact centre services
    • Telephone and email enquiries
    • Social media enquiries
    • Media call centre
    • Data collection
  • Disaster assistance services
    • Search and recovery
    • Morgue set up, equipment and staff identification
    • Identification and repatriation
    • Personal effects recovery, storage & return
  • Memorialisation
  • Logistical support
  • Victim registration, matching and reunification
  • Emergency and crisis response consulting, planning, & training