• Manufacturing

How the manufacturing industry responds to crises, from accidents involving serious injury or loss of life, reputational damage, product recalls, data breaches, to terrorism, and pandemics, is continuously evolving.

Challenges for your business during a crisis:

These challenges can overwhelm your resources, day-to-day operations and the people in your organisation. As world expectations increase, communications and inter-connectivity progresses, it is important that we rethink, reshape and stay abreast of what needs to be done.

GoCrisis provides crisis preparedness and response services to some of the world’s most well-known product brands. We support business like yours through a close partnership that involves regular meetings, annual crisis management training and a strong global response capability.

How we can help

  • Family assistance service
    • Set up, equipment and staff
  • Mental health and long-term care
  • Crisis communications
  • Contact centre services
    • Telephone and email enquiries
    • Social media enquiries
    • Media call centre
    • Data collection
  • Disaster assistance services
    • Search and recovery
    • Morgue set up, equipment and staff identification
    • Identification and repatriation
    • Personal effects recovery, storage & return
  • Memorialisation
  • Logistical support
  • Victim registration, matching and reunification
  • Emergency and crisis response consulting, planning, & training